Chloe Orphanage Volunteers

How to become an Internship/ Volunteer at Chloe Orphanage?

We are open for you to come as a volunteer in our orphanage. If you are interested to do an internship or be a volunteer, please read this blog carefully.

For these days, kids are entering school like usual. Mostly, they start at 7am until 3pm. So they only have time from 4pm and above. In this quite short time, we really hope, you who want to be a volunteer, would use the time wisely to teach the kids in a fun way. Why? The kids had spent so much time at school which make them really tired and they need something refreshing yet educational after school. 

So, these are some classes or skill that we really need and want to learn from the new volunteer :

  • Cooking class
  • English class
  • Make up class
  • Coding and Website class
  • Dancing class
  • Swimming class
  • Sport class

There are some regulations to be a volunteer in Chloe Orphanage :

  • The longest time of internship only 3 months
  • Have to prepare of what to teach and the activity with the kids really well (make a mini curriculum, level, or timeline to make it easier)
  • The schedule will be managed by us and will discuss later for the agreement. 

Our purpose is only for the kids to have the basic skill and can implement in their life. If you are interested, please contact Victor (click the Whatsapp button) to know more. Thankyou!

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2011 [click for video]

Original message from ‘The Colorado RN’ who recorded the video “Chloe House Orphanage. I visited the Chloe House orphanage in Bali, Indonesia in 2011. There are about 15 children. It is a custom in Bali when meeting someone to take your hand and touch it to their forehead. Sometimes they then touch their hand to their heart. It is very sweet. The orphanage was named after a little girl who died in the United States because of “shaken baby syndrome”. This was my second time visiting Indonesia. We set up several medical clinics in Bali, Jakarta, and Kalimantan (Borneo).”

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