About Us

Welcome to Chloe Orphanage

We are an orphanage located in Bali, Indonesia. This orphanage was founded in 2010 by Pastor Victor Hutapea and his wife, Susiana. They are also the houseparents for the 22 kids who stay in the orphanage.

Victor Hutapea has a big vision for kids across Indonesia. A part of our mission is to help lost kids in reaching a path to the future that is reliable and safe. Through our valuable supporters and donors, we can provide Food, Shelter, Healthcare, Education, Security, and of course a Family.

Education can change everything. Therefore, we provide a scholarship for the children who stay here, so they can graduate from senior high school, find a better job with a decent income, and help their families break the vicious cycle of poverty.

We take in children who have been orphaned, abandoned and rejected and provide them with a loving home where they feel comfortable and safe enough to be just that – children. We are thankful for the support that we got, so the children are able to continue the study despite the pandemic condition. Thank you will never be enough to express how grateful we are to have a donors like you.

Best Regards, Victor Hutapea.